Next to A.R. Kane e Majesty Crush, the Veldt forms the holy trinity of black gazers. Just like Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala’s band they emerged in the 80’s and like Majesty they only recorded their first records in the 90’s; like both, their value only really recognized long after their formation, but unlike the other two groups, they were reborn in the 2000s and are still active.

Formed in 1986 by twins Daniel and Danny Chavis, the band has always been known as troublemakers for not bowing their heads to businesspeople. In a white universe, record companies wanted to make them what was expected of black rockers at the time (basically mixing rap and rock), but the Chavis brothers remained faithful to what they believed and did. Not everything is for sale…

Between bullshit and such, an album to be produced by Robin Guthrie and launched by Capitol was shelved, until in 1992 a Polygram subsidiary put it on the market Marigolds, the guys’ debut EP that is now playing on our virtual record player. The record was produced by Lincoln Fong, from Moosewho not only didn’t have much of a hand in Veldt’s work but also played bass on the 9 tracks present here.

The result put the twins in the spotlight, leading them to tour with the Reid and Cocteau Twins across the USA and a new contract with Mercury. There they released their first full album, Aphrodisiac (from ’94), but the stories surrounding it (including more fights with suits) are for another day, as well as the Veldt’s rebirth as Apollo Heights and beyond. Today the thing is to celebrate the beginnings of soul-injected shoegaze from the countrymen of Superchunk and DB’s, fans of My Bloody Valentine e Princefour references that actually say a lot about his music.

Listen to the stalk!


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