Theory of Ghosts «Leaves Upon The Breeze» – I’ll throw myself out there and say that Piano Magic was one of the best and most interesting bands of the first years of this millennium for me. They’ve released some wonderfully dark but also poetic albums, music to dance to and listen to. When they broke up several years ago, I was quite sad. But now Glen Johnson is back with two comrades-in-arms and, with the new project Theory of Ghosts and the debut EP, seamlessly picks up where Piano Magic once left off. Wonderful melancholic music, whose atmosphere embraces you warmly. A real highlight of the still young music year.

RAY «Atmosphere» – there are unusual groups in Japan, such as idol groups that do shoegaze. I had RAY (formerly dots tokyo) here on the blog before, and now they have a new song out that is very smart again.


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