Finally there is something new from Tinkah. A new EP was released last week on the London label Local Knowledge – and it’s more than good.

Apart from a few live performances, Tinkah has been a little quieter lately – the last EP “Loniverse” was more than three years ago. All the more gratifying is the news that with “Apathy Is Death” six new tracks have been released. The EP once again features a disruptive sound in which genres no longer play a role – the soundtrack to a post-everything era, so to speak, in which everything is there at the same time, in which everything seamlessly mixes with all possible influences and yet an irresistible lightness keeps. That’s exactly what Tinkah has been known for for a long time.

To classify it a bit: On “Apathy Is Death” Tinkah combines modern, driving jungle with deconstructive electronica, ambient and future pop. And all this in very compact runtimes. The tracks last between 2 and 4.5 minutes – but so much happens, there are so many breaks and elements that it takes many attempts to discover the fine layers of sound. Or to put it another way: They are very intense, very dense and incredibly precisely produced tracks.

“Apathy Is Death” thrives on contrasts: Warm ambient sounds collide with crystalline digital glitches, spooky vocals meet accessible melodies. Especially “Skin 22” with Arpen Daks on the microphone unfolds an incredibly exciting pop appeal. Tracks like “Empathy Is Life” further develop Burial’s nocturnal, hazy sound.

And then there are wild dance floor bouncers like “Phoenix” and “Swollen Heart”, which carry you away with rapid rhythm and sound changes. In “Stumbling Across The Dirt Until We’re Under It”, however, everything falls apart. Nothing stays, everything is constantly changing and leads to a soft breakcore update. This EP makes it clear: Tinkah is undoubtedly one of the most exciting producers in Leipzig at the moment.

“Apathy Is Death” was released on vinyl and digital by London label Local Knowledge – where Tinkah was already heard on a compilation. On June 7th By the way, you can also buy them in the summer bar in the Mjut – Tinkah is playing there alongside Bunny Tsukino and Roy Mills!


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