In the most recent rankings of the most watched series on streaming services, the achievements of Prime Videoa platform that for the first time exceeds one billion minutes viewed, according to Nielsen Ratings reports.

Nielsen Ratings is recognized as the most accurate audience measurement system in the United States. Its objective is to determine the size and composition of the audience, within the United States.

In the case of Prime Video, the streamer had two original series exceeding one billion minutes: The Terminal List (1.56 billion minutes viewed) and The Boys (1090 million minutes viewed). These series were positioned in second and fourth place respectively, with The Boys achieving its best ranking with the debut of the final episode of the third season, since Nielsen began recording the audience for streaming series in 2020.

On the other hand, the hit series of Netflix, Stranger Things accumulated 4.8 billion minutes of viewing, triple the amount achieved by The Terminal Listplacing in the first position. The Umbrella Academyoriginal from the same streamer, came in third place with 1.28 billion minutes viewed (via THR).


  • This is the first time that Prime Video has had two original series surpassing one billion minutes.
  • The Terminal List had a 41% improvement in its first full week on the streamer, following its July 1 premiere. The Boys it improved by 14% from its previous week.
  • The Top 10 represents a combined 10.56 billion minutes of viewing, with the top four series accounting for almost 83% of that total (8.73 billion minutes).
  • Nielsen streaming ratings cover TV viewing of series. Minutes viewed on computers (PC, laptop) or mobile devices are not included. The ratings measure the audience in the United States.
  • The audience of streamers Apple TV +, Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video is measured.

The rankings – divided into originals and acquired license – for the week of July 4 to 10, 2022, below.


  1. Stranger Things (Netflix) – 4.8 billion minutes
  2. The Terminal List (Prime Video) – 1.56 billion minutes
  3. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), 1.28 billion
  4. The Boys (Prime Video), 1.09 billion
  5. Peaky Blinders (Netflix), 379 million
  6. Ozark (Netflix), 335 million
  7. Ms. Marvel (Disney+), 295 million
  8. The Upshaws (Netflix), 289 million
  9. The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix), 279 million
  10. Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), 256 million


  1. NCIS (Netflix), 837 million minutes
    2. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 697 million
    3. Cocomelon (Netflix), 684 million
    4. Alone (Netflix/Hulu), 577 million
    5. Friends (HBO Max), 512 million
    6. Legacies (Netflix), 468 million
    7. All American (Netflix), 406 million
    8. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 385 million
    9. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 383 million
    10. Supernatural (Netflix), 374 million


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