The Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) chose Totem by the writer and director Lila Avilés, as the film that will represent Mexico at the 2024 Oscar Awards. The film is the one selected to seek a place in the nominations in the Best International Film category at next year’s ceremony.

The deadline to present those selected in that and other categories in general is November 18, 2023. Preliminary voting for the short lists of nominees will begin on December 1, and the results will be announced on December 21. The nomination voting period will be January 11-16, 2024, with the official announcement of nominations scheduled for January 23. The 96th edition of the Oscars ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

With Totemother AMACC candidates were, to Hue by Michelle Garza Cervera, The last wagon by Ernesto Contreras, The great seduction by Celso García, and Noise by Natalia Beristáin.

Fully entering Totemits story revolves around Sol (Naíma Sentíes), a seven-year-old girl, who spends the day with her grandfather, helping with the preparations for a surprise party for her father. Although the celebration should be a moment of happiness, everything leads to chaos that fractures the foundations of the family.


  • Totem is the second feature film in the filmography of Avilés, also director of the acclaimed The chambermaid.
  • It won the Jury Prize at the Bucharest International Film Festival.
  • It is part of the official selection of the Morelia International Film Festival 2023. It will be premiered within the framework of the festival.
  • He has accumulated 8 awards from the festival circuit he has traveled so far, including Best Direction at the Durban Festival, the Jerusalem Festival and the Beijing Festival.


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