Shudder has released a trailer for an upcoming psychological horror film titled Nightmare. The film centers on a couple, Mona and Robby, whose life is turned upside down when Mona comes to believe that A mythical demon is terrorizing her. In Nightmare,

“Mona and Robby are a young couple in love. Robby has just landed the job of his dreams and They have made an incredible offer for a spacious, although ramshackle, apartment. It doesn’t matter that it needs to be renovated. Never mind the neighbors’ constant fights, nor the baby’s screams… Never mind that Mona suddenly suffers from night terrors that intensify every time she falls asleep…

Robby is looking forward to starting a family, despite Mona’s doubts. In the end, Mona’s problems spiral dangerously out of control when she becomes convinced that she is being attacked by a mythical demon, the Mare, who intends to possess her unborn child.

The film has a certain air of Nightmare in Elm street, since the monster of the story is the bogeyman of dreams. The norwegian film is the work of screenwriter and director Kjersti Helen Raasmussen (The Tunnel).

Nightmare debuts exclusively on streaming on Friday, September 29 on Shudder and will also be available on AMC+.


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