And here are two more interesting tips for week 38 Saturday.

happy daily tip //

Narciss presents: Language Of Love // ​​Institute for the Future // 11:55 p.m
w/ Narcis b2b Malugi, I$A, Bbetriebswirt, Nb}|{MC, J Nuggetz

Nice, Narciss hosts its own party for wonderful musical border crossings. Broken beats and house meet happy rave sounds and euphoric chords. Narciss will play a B2B set together with Broken Hearts resident Maluga.

Also today //

DanceNFriends & Face To Face – Neue Welle, 11:00 p.m. – Hard groove and techno with Leo_Lauch, Polaroidbær b2b Hoffster2000, Lecat, Rove Ranger, David Löhlein


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