Asylum has released the trailer for its upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie movie, End Timeswhich follows a pair of mismatched travelers:

“Claire and Freddie, who are trying to escape from a deadly pandemic that has turned Los Angeles into a zombie-infested wasteland. Claire is a privileged young woman from the suburbs ill-equipped to survive in this hostile new landscape, until she meets Freddie, a retired soldier who lost her daughter to the virus. As they travel together to reach the perimeter, Freddie teaches Claire the skills that will allow her to survive., and the awkward relationship between the two turns into something more like a father-daughter relationship. Before reaching safety, the two will have to escape brutal gangs, cannibals, cults, and the undead.”

The film stars Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu, 4/20 Massacre) y Craig Stark (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Hateful Eight). Bernadette, who is also a producer on the film, said in a statement:

“We are facing a sincere terror that has not only frightened those who have seen the preview of the film, but also left them with tears in the eyes in the end. Maybe the toughest performance I’ve ever done was the last 20 minutes of this movie, yes, maybe even harder than I Spit on Your Grave, if you can believe that. It tested me as an artist, as an actor and as a person.. I owe a huge thank you to actor Craig Stark for being an amazing scene partner throughout this film and to writer-director Jim Towns for his brilliant vision and guidance.”

End Time It will be released in limited theaters on July 14 and also on VOD.


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