The audiovisual world has always been at the forefront of technological advances and at this time of enormous expectations about the capacity of Artificial Intelligence it was not going to be any less.

A prominent player in this regard in the film and television industry is Avian Analyticsthe website of a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analysis to transform the way visual content is produced and consumed.

Let's get to know them more in depth.

What is AvIAn?

AvIAn is an acronym for AudioVisual Intelligence Analyticsa company that, based on a patented analysis that uses AI, achieves a powerful and unique analysis that provides quantifiable information from audiovisual content.

This revolutionary tool has the power to analyze, learn and predict behaviors based on analysis of scripts and television formats. We can see its use in various fields, such as the identification of audience trends, preferences or reactions that can be essential for producers and creators of audiovisual content when creating, planning and designing their projects.

But AvIAn not only analyzes data and offers a result based on narrative patterns of proven success, but also incorporates the supervision and intervention of human creativity in their analysis processes to achieve the greatest possible uniqueness and impact, presenting their results visually in a comfortable way for the user.

This combination of technological and human engines allows AvIAn to handle both dialogues and visual content, offering a efficient and comprehensive analysis of any audiovisual project giving its creators the keys to an authentic emotional connection with their viewers.

The Augmented Narrative Analysis Method (MANÁ)

In technology there is no success without methodology and AviAn has designed its own: MANNA.

He Augmented Narrative Analysis Method is a revolutionary methodology that fuses the precision of AI with the essence of human judgment, generating a detailed report for audiovisual creators that includes:

  • Analysis of structure, characters, and narrative.
  • Dialogue optimization and character deepening.
  • Insights to connect with the audience authentically, based on successful projects.
  • Revelation of concrete improvements.

AvIAn takes analytics to the next level with its MANÁ. The system learns from the information collected and enhances the scope of each project with its analysis.

Through machine learning, AvIAn not only can predict emerging trends in content and audience behaviorbut can also anticipate future results based on past and present data.

Therefore, film and television producers they can make more informed decisions and make proactive adjustments to their content to achieve the greatest possible impact.

A technological ally for your audiovisual project

With these capabilities, AvIAn becomes a powerful ally for content creators, providing detailed analytics and accurate predictions based on AI and machine learning algorithms.

The combination of textual and visual analysis allows AvIAn to have a unique view of the impact of audiovisual content on its audience. And with this level of insights, Film and television producers can optimize not only their production procedures, but also their marketing and distribution strategies.

Go to their website and see this revolution for yourself.


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