Traveling, traveling with Pope Francisco is the film directed by Gianfranco RossiItalian filmmaker who won the Berlin Golden Bear for “fire in the sea» and the Golden Lion of Venice for «sacred GRA«. The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2022.

In his first 10 years of pontificate, Pope Francis has visited more than 50 countries, focusing on causes as important as poverty, emigration, the environment, solidarity and war.

Director Gianfranco RossiIntrigued by the fact that two of the papal trips coincided with the itineraries that he himself followed during the shooting of his films «fire in the sea» (2016) y «Night» (2020) – the first to the Island of Lampedusa during the migratory crisis and the second to the Middle East on a journey through the devastation of the war – brings together more than 500 hours of material donated by the Vatican to compose the particular Stations of the Cross of the Pope through his travels.

To do this, he starts from these images, combining them with those recorded by himself – including those he filmed in Malta and Canada accompanying Francisco – and others from the current state of the world today. With all of them he composes this portrait of Pope Francis, a man of good will, committed to people, who travels to meet them and discover first-hand how and where they live and what their problems are.


Its premiere is March 17, 2023 in Spanish cinemas.


In his first nine years, Pope Francis has made 37 trips, visiting 53 countries, his most important objectives being poverty, emigration, the environment, solidarity and war.



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