The seventh edition of the Trip Festival will take place in just over two weeks. The complete line-up is now in place. And we're giving away several tickets. So let’s get into the article.

The first information and names were presented to us in February. And we can only repeat ourselves: the Trip Festival is a great teaser for the upcoming festival season. Musical breadth, various locations, full of fun. It will take place from May 2nd to 5th at the Institut für Zukunft and Conne Island.

This year, for the first time, there will be a longer-running trip exhibition in the city Gallery KUB give. Specifically, it runs from May 1st to 12th and is intended to invite a multi-sensory dialogue with “interactive installations, performances and theory.”

Musically, you can expect a wild mix of hyperpop, house, avant-pop, post-punk, synth-pop, trap and probably a lot more. In any case, the trip is another great chance to discover new acts.

The subsonic edit is particularly exciting this year. The Leipzig wave and post-punk label Unterschall is hosting its own evening at the IfZ. The evenings are visually accompanied by the Wert collective.

Here's the complete line-up for preview:

Thursday, May 2, 2024
Institute for the Future, 8:00 p.m
w/ 3LNA, Mariybu

The first day starts with dreamy, breaky and at the same time dark, explicit hyperpop acts from Berlin: While 3LNA comes across as very poetic with soft-toned, spherical dream pop and a recently released new album “Herz breaks”, Mariybu is torn with queer -sex-positive lyrics and more pressure in the sounds break the boundaries between pop, electronic and rap.

Friday, May 3, 2024 // Subsonic Edit
Institute for the Future, 8:00 p.m
w/ Matias Aguayo, Konstantin Unwohl, Kris Baha, Vati, Cosey Mueller, Wisdom Tits, Collective Value

Day 2 is characterized by dark, heavy bassy and edgy wave sounds. Matias Aguayo brings a piece of sun as a contrast to this night.

Saturday, May 4, 2024
Institute for the Future, 8:00 p.m
w/ Deli Girls, Catnapp, Romare, Liebstern, Deep Tan, Disko Sued, Kollektiv Wert

Trip Saturday will be trippy and diverse. On the one hand, there are explicit and rousing trap avant-pop sets with Deli Girls and Cat Nap. On the other hand, with Romare it becomes much more delicate and harmonious and with Deep Tan it becomes more post-punk and funky. There are also performances by Blob and Desbridar from Post.Organic Bauplan. The DJ sets from Liebstern and the Disko Sued DJ team act as a connecting element.

Sunday, May 5, 2024
Conne Island, 7:30 p.m
w/ Modular, Fuffifuffzich

There will be another strong finale on Sunday – with Modular and Fuffifuffzich, two exciting live acts that set new accents with spherical, deep and crisp electronics as well as pleasantly contemporary German lyrics. Sometimes deep and dark, sometimes with a tearful wink.

Tickets and raffle

Are you excited for the Trip Festival? Then get your tickets here.

Or take part in our raffle. We are giving away the following tickets:

1 x Festivalticket
2 x 2 tickets for Trip Day 1 on May 2nd, 2024
2 x 2 tickets for Trip Day 2 on May 3, 2024

If you want to take part in the raffle, send an email to dance @ by April 26, 2024 and indicate which ticket you want. The winners will then be contacted directly by email.


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