Tim Burton broke all Netflix records with his imaginative signature.

Dear readers, welcome back. This time the review concerns the TV series, available Wednesday from November 23 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Plot Wednesday

From the very first episode, the viewer is catapulted into the life of the protagonist Wednesday who, having moved to the Nevermore Academy, a school also attended in the past by parents Gomez and Morticia Addams, must juggle building relationships and finding a killer terrorizing the fictional town of Jericho. Between werewolves, mermaids and imaginative beings, the supernatural horror-fantasy character series certainly does not disappoint with regard to the originality of its script. Let’s start with a genius linked to the release of the series, published precisely on Wednesday, as mentioned in the series: those born on a Wednesday are immensely sad.

If it weren’t obvious yet, the production is linked to the character of Wednesday Addams, however the events are translated to the present day and tell the reality of the new millennium. In fact, within the series there is no shortage of quotes about some social networks with which the protagonist is absolutely not accustomed. Wednesday is a cauldron that combines irony, suspense and adolescent events. A succulent tidbit that, episode after episode, you can’t do without.

Curiosity about the series Wednesday

For Wednesday’s role, Jenna Ortega was nominated for a Golden Globes as best leading actress, a really good result!
But that’s not all… his iconic dance has awakened users by generating a lot of support on every social platform, starting with TikTok.

Even Lady Gaga fell into the temptation of realizing this trend which, moreover, has her remixed song Bloody Mary as its soundtrack.

Among the records that this series has racked up we find that of the most hours viewed in a week for an English-language Netflix series. Before Wednesday, the record was held by the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Among the curiosities of the series we cannot fail to mention the identity of the botany teacher played by Christina Ricci, the same actress who played Wednesday in the Addams family of the 90s.

Review Wednesday: point by point

Analyzing this series in detail we could find many positive points in its favor and the success it has unleashed is the obvious confirmation.

In addition to a really interesting photograph, a coherent chromatic arrangement in the shots that repeatedly describes the protagonist and what she feels in that instant even outside.

The cast was also particularly successful, as already mentioned by Jenna Ortega but not only.
In fact, we are also talking about the great return of Cristina Ricci and her far from obvious character.
We then continue with Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia or Luis Guzmán as Gomez.

Finally Gwendoline Christie in the role of the school director, her classic and refined outfits, wink at the women protagonists of Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

Therefore a TV series that satisfies the tastes of adults and children, consisting of 8 episodes of an average of 45 minutes.
The open ending then lets the viewer understand that there will still be more adventures of the dark Addams family.

You can therefore enjoy the search for the real villain of the series that, believe me on my word, you will hardly find on the first try.

Another very positive note of the series concerns the relationship between Enid and Wednesday, a sincere friendship between people who, despite their great differences, have learned to love each other, in the most genuine way.
Triumph of one of the values ​​too long forgotten in productions and in real life, the true and pure feeling of friendship.

What more to tell you? Run to see the TV series on the Netflix streaming platform.


Congratulations Wednesday, passed with full marks, you deserve a nice 8.

And congratulations to Tim Burton who once again satisfies his fans and not, creating extremely enjoyable and refined content in his own way.

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