Netflix is working on returning to the small screen Wednesday of Tim Burtonwith the second season of the series starring Jenna Ortega.

The most recent news shared by Variety reports that the series has just signed Steve Buscemi as part of the cast of the second season. With exact details to be known later, the source reveals that the actor will play the new director of the Nevermore Academy.

Buscemi is an actor known for both comedy and drama roles. He has been part of projects such as Reservoir Dogs, Fargo, The Death of Stalin, and Adam Sandler films. On the small screen she has been in series such as Boardwalk Empirea season of The Sopranos, 30 Rock y Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtamong other.

Buscemi joins the returns of Jenna Ortega como Wednesday/Merlina, Luis Guzman like Gomez/Homer, Catherine Zeta-Jones like Morticia, and Isaac Ordóñez like Pugsley/Pericles. The first season also featured Christina Ricci playing a new role, and Fred Armisen like Uncle Lucas.

The first season ended with Wednesday successfully solving a series of gruesome murders while also foiling an attempt to destroy Nevermore and its students.

Last January, Ortega announced that the second season will lean more towards horror, in addition to ensuring that each episode will feel like a movie: “I've received some scripts for season two and we're definitely leaning towards a little more horror. It's really exciting because throughout the entire series [Wednesday/Merlina] It never changes and that's the wonderful thing about it. It's much more action-packed. “I think each episode will probably feel a little more like a movie, which is good.”

The second season will be filmed on location in Ireland.

Ortega will have an executive producer credit for the second season.

Upon its premiere on Netflix, Wednesday was crowned the most viewed English-language series in a week on Netflix, and after three weeks it became the second most-viewed English-language series in the streamer's history.

In addition to a second season, Netflix launched a spinoff of Wednesday centered on Fred Armisen's Uncle Fester/Uncle Lucas, who had a guest star appearance in an episode of the first season. Uncle Lucas is the brother of Merlina's father, Gomez/Homer Addams.

Alfred Gough y Miles Millar (Smallville) are the writers and producers, with Tim Burton serving as executive producer and director of several episodes of the debut season of the series.


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