Old acquaintances, new series – here are five more tips for week 20 Saturdays. Enjoy!

party name: Hotshot
Time: 05/21/2022, 11:59 p.m
Location: Institute for the Future
Acts: Bunny Tsukino, Lolsnake, Souci, Leeza, Goldie, Galleur b2b Evin, Hannie Phi, DJ Hot Bitch, Micina

A new series is starting at the IfZ, which is dedicated to the “hottest-up-and-coming” artists. Five DJs and musicians from Leipzig take over the booking and curated a musically very diverse night between driving techno, soft downbeats, breaks and house.

Also today:

Italo Fundamentalo pres. Are You Loving – Noch Better Life, 9 p.m. – Itali Disco with I. Marcello, Chaos Katy, Rascheljacke, Möbelnder Pop, Ann Withoutane

My Groove Is House – Early, 10pm – Classic House with Jamie 3:26, FDM, Traxx Jr. Dardara

Saturday Rave – Distillery, 11:30pm – House and Techno with Dominik Marz, Mauro Caracho, Napoleon Dynamite, Fadi Mohem, Houdafk, Daniel Sailer

All in Wonderland – Elipamanoke, 10 p.m. – Solo rave for “Leipzig Helps Ukraine” with Lace Bobbin, Haenselundgretel, Shanti Tanti, Kosmos & Wanda, Moritz Itzaya, Ayumi, Saujoks, Leolauch, Grnd, Tek Wanna Do, Akribisch Rapid

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/38405/kw-20-samstag-8

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