Wings of Desire «A Gun in Every Home» – having a gun lying around in every household is not only the wet dream of crazy right-wing conservatives, but also the title of the single by the British duo Wings of Desire. Their sound lies somewhere between the grandeur of early Kilelrs, paired with shoegaze elements. Her album (so-called “anthology”) “Life Is Infinite” will be released in December.

ULTRA «flashback» – The quartet ULTRA from Japan is a kind of supergroup, as it includes, among others, Natsuko Miyamoto from the cult post-hardcore/shoegaze/indie band Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, which has many fans outside of Japan. The new project sounds extremely promising to me, and an album is also expected at the end of the year (called “Tōtei oyobanai (到底及ばない)”).

As a bonus, one of the countless great pieces from the aforementioned Mass of The Fermenting Dregs:


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