Wyldest «Abilene» – oh, that’s another wonderful song by the British singer Zoë Mead, who has been playing atmospheric, melodic DreamPop with a folk touch under her stage name Wyldest for several years and in 2022 with “Feed The Flowers Nightmares” a great album with Top 20 potential published in my annual charts. Not all the songs on it are as fast as this single, some of them sound rather thoughtful, but of course, and as is well known, I like that.

Sofia Portanet «Unstoppable» – Kiel-born singer Sofia Portanet is also back with a new single (reminding me a bit of Marina) that offers great pop. The upcoming album will definitely be great again. By the way, she is currently on tour in Germany.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2022/11/wyldest-sofia-portanet.html

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