Today November 4, 2022 Manifest has finally landed on Netflix with the first ten episodes of the fourth and final season, miraculously saved by the streaming giant.

A crescendo of emotions episode after episode, perfectly punctuated by the usual suspenseful soundtrack, accompanies us on this latest journey to discover the events that have happened. on flight 828 on that fateful November 4, 2018. The choice of the release date is in fact not at all by chance, as it coincides exactly with the landing of passengers five and a half years before the current events. Who knows that the second part does not arrive precisely on June 2, 2023day of the date of death.

NO SPOILER review, keep reading calmly.

Manifest 4 first part: synopsis

Two years after the brutal murder that fell on the Stone family, their lives are in chaos. Well (Josh Dallas) unable to take control of his own life and desperately concentrates on finding his daughter who has been kidnapped by Angelina. Consumed by grief, he abandons the role of co-captain of the lifeboat, leaving Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) full command, hindered, however, by a government register that monitors any movement of passengers. In the midst of the chaos, where a serious ruthless killer takes on the flight, an unknown passenger arrives with a package for Cal (You Doran)which will prove the key to finally uncovering the secret of the calls and what happened to Flight 828.

Manifest 4 first part: three reasons to watch it

Jeff Rake, showrunner and executive producer of the series, he had said this as soon as the series was saved by Netflix (read his words here), we didn’t have to worry that with the new production the story would change or it wouldn’t have a fair ending. We were in fact terrified, especially we daredevils who started the series on Mediaset in 2018 when the ratings were scarce and no one was spinning this pearl; this time, thank goodness, it went well for three simple reasons that we now see together.

Manifest 4 first part: speed and responses

The first three seasons of Manifest they were characterized by a fairly slow narrative line, which took about four or five episodes to tell us a very simple thing (not surprisingly Rake had foreseen another three seasons). In this case it is not like that, everything goes much faster (also because there are only 20 episodes available and they have to give us the answers), in line with the facts, without leaving holes here and there. And boy, that wasn’t a foregone conclusion when you consider that there are only a few episodes left out of six seasons to give an ending worthy of being called such. It is not obvious even when you consider the series to which Manifest is continually compared, LOST: immortal TV series that will thrill viewers even in forty years despite they realize the slips of recent seasons (LOST it is general culture, but it abandons itself to no-sense let’s face it). The fact is that Manifest it’s not a bad copy of LOSTit was only inspired by the latter, bringing a significant advantage: being able to give the only possible and above all credible explanation for a sci-fi drama TV series, without falling into ridicule (although in this part it recalls the 2004 series, due to the choice of narration of the past through continuous flashbacks, a little too many and not very delineated).

Manifest 4 first part: exciting storylines, wait yes but never boring

The second reason is hidden behind the narration of the storylines and the growth of the characters. Very briefly we will say that in particular Cal’s storyline has been respected, finally making sense of her role. The growth of the character is remarkable, while still remaining the frightened child ready to do anything to save his family. He gains strength and determination even if he complains a little too much, but plausible considering the sense of guilt that grips him, finally coming to the awareness of what he has to do. Did we expect it? YES. Was he boring? Absolutely no! Zeke’s storyline (Matt Long), on the other hand, does not know where he wants to end up, at least at some point. For about 10 seconds it seems obvious the goal of his change of him, the juncture afterwards nothing is known, but at least we come to understand why he had a second chance. For the rest, the characters have maintained their characteristic traits in particular Michaela, always ready to sacrifice herself for the lifeboat and for the family, and Jared characterized by confidence and courage.

Manifest 4 part 1: test passed with flying colors

The last reason why Netflix did not make a disaster is precisely to have managed to maintain the same level of suspense and adventure without upsetting anything, passing the test with flying colors, at least in our opinion at Movie Blog. These ten episodes gave us some of the answers, without ever really telling us what happened, that’s clear, but at least we know where the passengers were. Let’s just hope that in the last ten episodes we come to a conclusion and everything is closed, because there is still much to say, perhaps too much, the fate in front of us is even worse and the risk of leaving things to chance is very high, but there we trust Jeff Rake.

Run to see Manifest 4 on Netflix because even if they have changed translation: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.


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