“Extracted Soil” is the fourth EP to be released via the Leipzig label Paryìa, curated by Marie Montexier. This EP features the debut of the Dortmund DJ duo A2iCE & BO3.

Lex Rütten and Jana Kerima Stolzer are A2iCE & BO3. And the tracks of their first EP include field recordings that the artists made for a multimedia exhibition for the Hartware MedienKunstVerein in Dortmund. The four tracks appear pleasantly chaotic and tidy at the same time and are characterized by a mixture of breaky drums, wafting acid basslines and – fitting to the name of the EP – organic, experimental sounds. In addition to the four tracks from A2iCE & BO3, a remix by Berlin DJ and producer Mor Elian enriches the EP.

The first track “Pacific Nickel” convinces with a surprising dovetailing of a breakbeat with space-consuming kick and ambient synths, which envelop the track gently and yet self-confidently. “Mineral Treasure” focuses on an acid bassline that is anything but stiff. This creates a trippy-fluid atmosphere, which is also compensated by flat synths.

“A Rubbels Lament” is a bit darker. The track gains structure through its hi-hat, which attracts attention with its jungle sound. This creates a coherent transition to the fourth track – a remix of “Pacific Nickel” is. The consistent, percussive groove with its dembow vibe makes the track more club friendly than the others.

As a digital bonus track there is also “Mother, why are there so many machines in our place”. It’s a little freer on the beat again and manages to wrap things up nicely, keeping the suspense through to the end with its varied sounds and well-connected drops.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40354/a2ice-bo3-extracted-soil-paryia

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