I discovered the Mexican quintet Sei Still as I discovered countless bands during the lockdown in 2020: on sleepless nights, tormented by all kinds of paranoia that fit in a single brain.

On those endless nights, I invariably went online looking for something to relieve the pressure, and on one of the many Bandcamp tours I came across the their first and eponymous album🇧🇷 But that kraut trip wasn’t what I needed at the time, next agenda and the end. The end?

End of 2021, newly identified omicron (nervous laughs) and I receive an email with the Fuzz Club newsletter talking about a new Sei Still album, with a completely different feel from their debut. Curious Aryan that I am, I went to check which one was the one The shelter and at the first bass chords of “Extraradio” I was already dancing with the wall. It’s as if the band went from cosmic peyote trips through the Chihuahuan desert straight to a dust trip in a 1980s Berlin basement. Well, part of that is true.

Because they really moved from Mexico City to Berlin, and this move coincides with the shift in their sound. The shelter it’s pure post-punk like that the fuckguided by the pulsating kitchen interspersed by a guitar loaded with effects, discreet synths and an absolutely dark, monotonous and minimalist vocal (always in Spanish).

Yes, it will send you to a lot of groups, both ‘pioneers’ how much ‘influenced’🇧🇷 if you’re fed up with shady stuff, stay away, if not, I suggest you listen to Sei Still’s two albums in order of release to see the band from the same angle as I do. And if the guys – as they stated in the album release – never want to record the same album twice, it’s good to keep an eye on them to see what’s next.

Listen on the stalk!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/12/01/sei-still-el-refugio-2021/

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