We’re resuscitating a series that focuses on exciting party series. This time we’re going to Mjut, where a 22-hour party has recently started.

Fixed party series are classic anchors of club culture – in off-locations and open air events as well as in clubs. There are usually certain curatorial approaches and thoughts from interesting people behind them. This is exactly what we would like to shed more light on in the future. Let’s start with the “All The Hours” series. At the beginning of June it took place for the first time in the Mjut and, with its musical openness and its 22-hour running time, caused a first wow inside and outside.

We wanted to know what “All The Hours” is all about and how it will continue. The planning crew of the Mjut answered us in a short email interview. Here we go:

How did the idea for “All The Hours” come about?

Classic afterhours in Leipzig usually take place privately or behind closed doors. With the “All The Hours” concept, we wanted to try whether Leipzig women perceive after-hours in the context of public events. With the resulting combination of a club night with a day event, we can combine different formats and create a broader range. Among other things, the “All The Hours” provides a unique selling point compared to other events in Leipzig.

What are the conceptual highlights for you?

As already mentioned, we want to create different possibilities to participate in the event. So people can stay for the entire duration, come back at some point, after another event or just during the day on Sunday. The merging of the event formats is also conceptually something new in our program and offers a wide range of possibilities. For example, we can use the larger scope of the event to win larger bookings. In addition, there is a greater focus on our beautiful outdoor area, which is otherwise mostly only used during the week. As early as Sunday morning we are moving the program directly from the club to the outdoor area, which of course also changes the course of the party. Another highlight of the event is the grandiose artwork by I NEED ¥, which always changes slightly from event to event and on which there are a great many details to discover.

Is this just a summer format?

So far, the “All The Hours” series is a summer format, yes. First of all, we wanted to try out how the concept would go down with our audience, because a large part of it takes place in the garden. We’ll see how far we’ll continue All The Hours in the fall and winter.

What do you pay attention to when booking?

In general, of course, we make sure to create a booking that is diverse in many respects. At this event in particular, it is also important to us to show a wide musical spectrum and at the same time to maintain a common thread. The change from the inside to the outside area must of course also be musically coherent. The audience should be picked up as best as possible – no matter what moment they come to the party. Another feature is certainly the mix of newcomers, local artists and larger, well-known and partly international acts.

Is there a special All The Hours decoration?

There is no specific decoration for “All The Hours”, but there are a number of specials such as special drinks, vegan-vegetarian food and ice cream from Aziz and different happy hours for drinks – but also for the entrance fee.

The second edition will take place on July 15, 2023. Featuring J Nuggetz, Main Phase, Nasra, RST98, DJ Over’n’Out, Nugget, Lil xs Detox, Franziska Berns, Catelle and DJ Life

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40770/behind-the-nights-and-days-all-the-hours

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