The most recent film by the Chilean scriptwriter and director Fernando Guzzoni, white girlwas released this week in movie theaters in Mexico, with the distributor PIANO.

He films she inspired and el Caso Spiniak, the judicial process for rape, pornography, and child prostitution, carried out in 2003 in Chile where the businessman Claudio Spinak was involved, convicted of the charges and imprisoned for a decade in the High Security Prison of Santiago, and three senators: Jovino Nova, Carlos Bombal, and Nelson Ávila, who were exonerated (more on the case in one moment). It was due to the alleged participation of these three that the case gained media attention.


Blanca, 18, lives in a children’s home run by the priest Manuel. When the priest exposes a scandal involving children, politicians and businessmen participating in sex parties, Ella Blanca falls into the public eye and becomes a key witness in the case. However, the more questions are asked, the less clear Blanca’s role in the scandal becomes.

The film celebrated its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September 2022, where it won the Orizzonti Award for Best Screenplay, and won the special mention of the Ibero-American Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival (2023). ).

The cast is led by laura lopez. The film marked his feature film debut. You can currently see her in the mystery miniseries, The silenceoriginal de Netflix.

The rest of the cast is made up of Alejandro Goic (The club, The nanny), Ariel Grandon, Amparo Noguera (The pack, Come back early, Fugitives), Nicholas Duran (jesus, no filter), Daniela Ramirez (Secrets in the Garden, Amanda), y Marcelo Alonso (The children of the desert, The settlers).

white girl is produced by Yves Darondeau, Pascal Guerrin, Giancarlo Nasi, Emmanuel Priou, Donato Rotunno, and Beata Rzezniczek. Executive producers include Luis Arenas, Fernando Bascuñán, and Klaudia Smieja.

The distributor PIANO shared the offices and states where you can find white girl as of July 13, 2023:


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