I could spend days listening to Bunnygrunt. In fact this has already happened but it is not the case at this moment to comment on the circumstances that led to such a situation hahaha.

The thing is, the long-lived St. Louis, born in the early 90’s and as far as I know still active, is the mother and father of a micro music-scene that became known (known?) as ‘cuddlecore’, a name that I refuse to try to translate and nothing else is that an equally sarcastic and even cuter twee/indie pop (hence the name).

In its first phase, which lasted until 1998, the band released a handful of singles/EPs and two full albums on No Life Records that can be – and probably were – placed alongside work by Heavenly, Aberdeen or their influences on the shelves. And it’s the first of Karen Ried and Matt Harnish’s albums (at the time with bassist Renee Dullum) that’s out here now.

Action pants! it has only 08 songs and its duration is only a little longer due to the 12 minutes of the wonderful trip “Open up and say Sablina”, which ends it; the other tracks vary between 1’30” and just over 3’30”, and that’s the exact time to win your heart and give you a hug (bad jokes with ‘cuddlecore, we have).

Legend has it that the album is so short because shortly before it was finished Dullum jumped off the boat and took the songs she had composed with her, but that matters little or nothing after all, even if the story is true she sang along with drummer Karen and the guitarist Matt on the album, and one of the highlights on it – in addition to the wonderfully jangly guitars – is precisely the trio’s vocals.

If you are a diligent student at the school of Shop Assistants, BMX Bandits, Talulah Gosh and so many others, you can come to this class, it was made for you ❤

Listen on the stalk!

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