Chilli Beans. «105☻» – I'll be honest: I have no idea what the song title means. What I do know: Chilli beans. are a Japanese indie trio whose sound has changed over the years – they always had an eye for poppy melodies, but used to surround them with really scratchy guitars. Now they have reached the area of ​​much smoother “groove pop”, which also suits them very well. For me, your new single is the first hit of the young musical year and really puts you in the mood, not least because of the strange slanted piano sprinkles in the middle of the song. The song comes from the album “Welcome to my Castle”, which was released in December.

Regina Spektor & Jack Dishel «We’re not supposed to be lovers» – I certainly don’t need to introduce Regina Spektor here, as she has been an icon of sophisticated indie music for many years. And she contributed a song to the Adam Green tribute album “Moping in style”, which was very successful.


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