Chirinuruwowaka «Hikari» – in the last few years I’ve been getting to know new bands more and more often through the YouTube algorithm, which, once you’ve found something good, suggests further songs in a comparable direction with an amazing success rate. Since turning to Japanese acts, I’ve come across great new stuff from there almost every day. This also applies to this indie trio, which has been around for almost 20 years and has now recorded around 15 albums (unfortunately largely unnoticed by the general public (of course, nobody in the West knows them anyway)). I’m just listening through their pleasantly diverse and quality oeuvre, and this song immediately stood out to me. It reminds me a little of the Pale Saints from the early 90’s but is more melodic and the chorus is catchy. Class!

Thayer Sarrano «Carried Away» – also great and criminally underrated is Thayer Sarrano from the USA, whose “Southern Gothic” music I have been enthusiastically presenting here in the blog for years. Now there is the new album «Ancient Future», from which this superb song comes.


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