A few days after completing a month in theaters around the world, and with $ 880 million dollars collected at the global box office at the moment, Disney and Marvel announce that ¡Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the sequel directed by Sam Raimi, will premiere on Disney Plus on June 22, 2022!

The news was revealed through a official poster and video announcement published on official sites of the film, and that we share at the end of the note.

Meanwhile we tell you, Multiverse of Madnessby Raimi (trilogy Spider-Man 2002-07, Evil Dead), is called by Marvel the first MCU production to be somewhat horror-oriented.

On this vision, and prior to the theatrical release of the sequel, we had little taste in the promotional material, as was the case with the first teaser trailer released at the end of December 2021, and in the first full trailer released the weekend of Super Bowl LVI, where we saw an evil version of Doctor Strange, which, from keeping up with the Disney+ animated series What If? you will be familiar with it.

The “good version” of Strange teams up with Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch to face the monsters and villains that the multiverse has let loose around the world, as we saw in the events portrayed in WandaVision, Loki and more recently, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

  • In case you missed it: To understand why Strange and Wanda will be working side by side in the sequel, you need to watch the series. WandaVision.

Raimi directs from the script written by Michael Waldron (Loki) y Jade Halley Bartlett.

The cast is led by Benedict Cumberbatch as Doc Strange, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda/Scarlett Witch, Benedict Wong like Wong, Xochitl Gomez playing the young heroine America Chavez, Michael Stuhlbarg as the Dr. Nicodemus West, y Rachel McAdams as Dr. Christine Palmer.


“In Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU unlocks the Multiverse and pushes its boundaries further than ever before. Journey into the unknown with Doctor Strange, who, with the help of mystical allies both old and new, traverses the mind-bending and dangerous alternate realities of the Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary.”

Video announcement of the premiere on Disney +:

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