Sometimes all we need is a snap to remind us of who we are. Everything that is Pequenos Clásicos Perdidos – this written and original version, the web radio program (and podcast), the campaign in Catarse, the satellites (stickers, magnets, bags, etc.), everything, absolutely everything of this only exists because there is a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away and in one of those angular moments I found myself surrounded by a bunch of crazy people who didn't breathe air, but music. For over 3 fucking decades…

Suddenly there were crazy shows and nights in basements, flyers made by hand and then photocopied, cassettes and some records, zines that talked about beloved bands that printed t-shirts painted at home; Nobody had money or resources, but things happened because people made them happen. From there I came. Here I am.

Earlier today I found a CD-r at home Some kids are clumsiesthe first demo by Elroy – a band formed in 98 by Rafael Crespo (former Planet Hemp guitarist), Sato (ex-Polara, another strong memory from that time and in which Crespo also played), Mix and Luana – who was part of of this ride that shaped me during the 90s (from Pin Ups, Killing Chainsaw, Retrô, Juntatribo, etc.) and now at night I had no doubts and I went after it online to put it on display here at PCP, which, as said in the paragraphs This short text only exists way back when I learned what 'do it yourself' was.

Thanks to Rafael and co. for this ribbon, thank you to young bands like Fraidycat and so many others who help keep the indie blood circulating through these old veins and thank you to music for making me who and what I am.

Keep on keeping on!


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