Lionsgate preparations continue for the start of filming of the third installment of the action and adventure franchise, Now You See Mewhich will see the return of many familiar faces, starting with the director Ruben Fleischer.

And who else? Members of the original cast, such is the case of those previously confirmed Jesse Eisenberg y Woody Harrelsonand those now announced Isla Fisher, Dave Franco y Mark Ruffalo. It is important to note that another source mentions the return of Morgan Freeman.

They will be joined by a new addition to the franchise. According to reports from Deadline, it is the young actress Ariana Greenblattwho we recently saw in the box office and critical hit, Barbieand in the series Ahsoka, playing the younger version of Ahsoka. Later we can see it in the movie Borderlands from Lionsgate itself.

The film that we currently refer to as Now You See Me 3 has been described as a “reimagination”.

Plot details are currently under lock and key.

The franchise, which centers its plot around thief illusionists known as the Four Horsemen, has grossed $687 million in the global box office.

Fleischer, known by titles such as Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap, Venom, y Unchartedwill direct the script written by Eric Warren Singer (Top Gun: Maverick, American Hustle).

Bobby Cohen and Alex Kurtzman of Secret Hideout are producers.

In a recent interview, Eisenberg let slip the possible title of the third installment, saying: “When I read this new script for Now You See Me, or Now You 3 Me, as we've been calling it (I'll get in trouble for that), I think, 'Oh wow, these actors who I'm friends with, all of them great actors, are going to be so funny in this.' I love acting more than anything because that's my job. So when I watch a movie with a more Hollywood plot, I don't really care about that stuff that much. But when I see that it's full of these great actors, I'm very excited.”


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