Exsonvaldes «Glass» – longtime readers of my blog will perhaps/hopefully/kindly remember this French band that I presented here for the first time many years ago. Now they have released a deluxe version to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their «Lights» album, which normally wouldn’t necessarily be worthy of a blog post. In this case, however, the bonus tracks are really great and worth listening to. If you like atmospheric-melancholic indie guitar pop, you should definitely listen to this (and of course to the entire album).

Soft Blue Shimmer «Love Being» – okay, with this band name it’s not difficult to guess what kind of music is on offer here: Shoegaze/Dreampop of course. With their single, the band from Los Angeles strikes just the right note to invite you to immerse yourself.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2023/04/exsonvaldes-soft-blue-shimmer.html

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