The filmmaker Edgar Wright y Paramount Pictures They are developing a reboot of The Running Manbased on the novel by Stephen King.

The most recent news about the project confirms from CinemaCon 2024 that Glen Powell was signed in the leading role (via Deadline).

Wright (Last Night in Soho, Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver) will direct the reboot, as well as produce it alongside Nira Park and Simon Kinberg. George Linder will executive produce.

King's novel was published in 1982 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. It gained recognition when it was adapted to film, with the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The source details:

“King's futuristic novel is a chase thriller set in a dystopian America in the year 2025. The story centers on Ben Richards, a desperate man who participates in a violent reality show called The Running Man to earn enough money to revive to her seriously ill daughter. The show follows Richards being pursued by numerous hunters sent to kill him.”

Powell is a highly sought after actor in Hollywood. We recently saw it in theaters on the Sony Pictures rom-com, Anyone But You, where he shared starring credit with Sydney Sweeney. Later we will see him in the action comedy Hit Man by Richard Linklater, and the anticipated Twisters from Universal Pictures and Lee Isaac Chung, a new installment of the action hit Twister (1996).

Previously he was part of the cast of Top Gun: Maverick, Hidden Figures, Set It Upy Devotion.


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