One of the best band names ever created, Human Barbie is the brainchild of Californian Christopher Leopold, who started producing singles under this sensational alias around 2018. I came into contact with him – as with so much on Bandcamp – during the sleepless dawns of the pandemic, I really liked the melancholy Get a life, her first full album released in October 2020, but I only remembered the human Barbie this week due to a memory from Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. And here we are.

I was going to write a few lines about the aforementioned album, but a few weeks ago I listened to the EP that the group made available on Children’s Day 2022 (almost exactly two years after Get a life), and I was absolutely taken by its almost 06 songs. With you, no worries.

The ‘almost 06 songs’ in the last paragraph is justified by the vignette “(silent)”. In the other five tracks on the album, Human Barbie uses smooth portions of shoegaze and dream pop as a sound springboard to delve deep into emotions forbidden to humanity in times of eternal exaltation of (false) happiness.

Versos como os de “wait” (I needed a friend/To carry me/To wash the sadness/Innocently/So stay a little longer/I can wait a little longer…) ou “empty” (We were so happy forever/Just gotta keep the dream alive for another year/Cold and jaded but whatever/Come over, kiss the scene goodbye and disappear…) junto a seu ‘andamento slowcore’ dão um tom de despedida a no worriesand as in PCP we love sad songs, we have here another one of the new favorites of the house.

Listen on the stalk!


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