When the Roses separated, each of its members followed a path: Reni left music (he even started a band called The Rubwho played several shows but never recorded a single), John Squire continued with Seahorse, Mani saved the Primal Scream and adidas man Ian Brown, the reason for this short text, pursued a solo career.

The guy has already released a bunch of albums, one with a worse cover than the other, and today we release the second work on this already long and successful journey, Golden greats.

No previous album (Unfinished monkey businessfrom 98) Brown still had his tail tied to the sound of his former band, here the guy managed to catalyze the psychedelic breeze and the more danceable footprint of the Stone Roses, strengthen the relationship with electronic beats and synthesizers, inject some of his influences ( dub, hip hop) and thus make a great record.

Did the guy turn into a scumbag? Yes! Was it already there at that time? I don't know. But with this album and the next one (Music of the spheres) showed that he was not 'just' the lead singer of one of the most iconic English rock groups of all time.

Find it out. Or rediscover.

Ou no spotifail

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