Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish my brain and memory worked as fully on 'adulthood issues' as it does with music. Because remembering things like inflating my car tires or buying detergent require mental effort, while remembering records I haven't listened to in, I don't know, 20 years, is as natural as yawning.

Today, for example, I remembered Seasickthe first of several Imperial Teen albums released in 1996, two years after Roddy Bottum (yes, Faith No More's great keyboardist) took some time off from his main band to give vent to his indie verve.

If you're unfamiliar with the album – or any other from the group, which is still active – don't expect anything close to FNM's music; What we have here is a legitimate guitar band from the nineties, complete with the 'loud/quiet/loud' formula and the 'boy/girl' vocals of Bottum and Lynn Perko.

No Imperial Teen's Bandcamp are their 4 latest albums, all great and released by Merge, but this is the root of this one that was born as a side project and became one of the best bands (that no one remembers) of the 90's. Oops, I remember.

Any day I'll come back with my favorite of them, What is not to love, but today I'll stop here. End of transmission.

PS: it's not on spotifuck


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