Many will agree that Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors that the world of Hollywood hasand what he has been doing for his next film, which will be about Formula One, confirms that he wants to be recognized as an actor who did more than just movies.

And is that Brad Pitt will star in a new Formula One movie alongside director Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) and producer Jerry Bruckheimer for Apple Studios. Not much is known about the movie yet, one of the few things that is known is that the famous actor will star in “a driver coming out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver against the titans of the sport”but everything seems to indicate that the film seeks to be innovative and not just another typical movie about car racing.

In a conversation recently hosted by Will Buxton at the F1 Accelerate Summit in Miami, director Kosinski and producer Bruckheimer were revealing some ins and outs of what will be his next film about Formula One. Buxton disclosed that the film’s production team was able to create “the smallest 6k mobile camera ever designed to bring the viewer into the cockpit”which is a potentially shocking result when you consider the way the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” shot its aerial sequence scenes.

He also revealed an intimacy that could surprise many: Brad Pitt will actually drive a race car. Crazy as it sounds, Variety has reported that Brad Pitt will not be racing against other drivers and that the car itself will likely be a modified version of a junior F2 or F3 car. The filming of these sequences will take place where the British Grand Prix is ​​held.

Brad Pitt He remains one of the most prominent personalities of today. on the movie scene after his Best Supporting Actor win for his role in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and last year he was a part of “The Lost City,” “Bullet Train” and “Babylon.” In addition, we must emphasize that produced several Oscar-nominated films (and winners) in 2022, including “She Said,” “Women Talking,” and “Blonde.”


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