Just Mustard «Still» – in the 1990s there was the British band Cranes, who made wonderfully dark, strange indie music that really got me excited. This kind of shadowy, latently exhausting, yet melodic and otherworldly music isn’t that common these days – I was all the more delighted when I recently came across Irishmen from Just Mustard, whose new single not only reminds me of the Cranes, but also also makes the Cocteau Twins think. Greatly abysmal. The new album “Heart Under” is coming in May – I’m looking forward to it!

Pomplamoose «High and Dry» – Covering Radiohead songs is a tricky business, because often enough the originals are pretty much perfect (especially their 1990s stuff). The Americans Pomplamoose still dared to do it and recorded a great version with their own style that pays homage to the original.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2022/03/just-mustard-pomplamoose.html

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