SCRATCH «Two» (Album) – for me one of the most enjoyable albums of this year actually comes from Cologne. The trio KRATZEN has dedicated itself to krauty-motoric-esque sounds and calls their sound “Krautwave”, which fits very well. I already have a soft spot for the hypnotic, monotonous rhythms of this music and find the entire album «zwei», which will be released on September 23rd. will be released (successor to the debut released in 2020, which completely passed me by) very successfully.

Muse «We Are Fucking Fucked» – yup, I don’t have to write a lot about Muse here. I thought the band was great in the beginning, then they often got too bombastic for me, but the final track on their new album “Will Of The People” really rocks like it used to. You don’t have to say more about the year 2022…


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