Also on Sunday there is another full festival program from the TransCentury Update.

party name: TransCentury Update
Time: November 13, 2022, 4 p.m
Location: Schnellbuffet Süd, Galerie Kub, UT Connewitz
Acts: Future Sounds: Christoph Dallach & Andreas Dorau, Caroline, Mabe Fratti, Flore Laurentienne

For the finale, the TransCentury Update Festival is once again great. In the afternoon, Christoph Dallach and Andreas Dorau will read from their oral history about the origins of Krautrock. Later, the London ensemble combines Caroline post-rock with violin.

And in the evening there will be a cinematic-orchestral live ambience with Flore Laurentienne and electronic folk with Mabe Fratti.


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