It continues with a full program on Saturday. In addition to an exciting sub-frequency festival, there is a lot of techno and a trade fair after party.

party name: sub_bar Leipzig: Music for Subfrequencies
Time: 11/26/2022, 4:00 p.m
Location: ZiMMT
Acts: Ümit Han, Alexander Tillegreen, Akka Miau, Alejandro Mosso, Julia Lema uva

This event gets physical – the internationally active event series sub_bar gives sub-frequencies and haptic art a special platform. This art form enables deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people alike to perceive music.

Today, the sub_bar festival presents several sub-frequency works and performances by well-known artists via a subwoofer system – in the middle of the voltage range of 30 and 150 Hz.

Also today:

Crémant Ultras User Meeting 2022 – Late dinner, 6 p.m. – House, Disco and Crémant with Filburt, Zischarias and Friends

Connwax – Institut für Zukunft, 11:59 p.m. – Techno with Milena Glowacka, Lara Palmer, Johannes Volk, Taz, Zola Disco, Nugget, Qiu

X-Tenal Event – Neue Welle, 11 p.m. – Techno, Rave, Industrial and House with Madda Chantal, DJ Pregnant, E-bony, Oliv

& with exLEpäng! & NeverHappened Collective – Elipamanoke, 11:59 p.m. – Techno, Experimental, Rave and Breakcore with Daddy Danger, Obito, Jung & Schön, Toni Coach b2b DJ Carrera, IC2N8, TITI b2b MisTerKnisTer, Firle, Hells, Katyes, Tilo Roth

Leku.dances – Mjut, 11 p.m. – Various Styles for the after-show party of the new Leipzig Culture Fair, with House Dance Workshop, Chronic Sunshine, Traxx Jr, RDA System, DJ Annita, Bunny Tsukino, Junia, Itsadisasta

Saturday Rave x Proyeckt Qrach – Distillery, 11 p.m. – House, Minimal and Techno with Marcus Worgull, Portable / Bodycode, Enelram, Inner Tueren, Mauro Caracho, Nikolina, Memo., Sailent Seihmen, Haeme


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