After a little Christmas break we are back. And we look back at some of our favorite tracks from our New In series. With an exclusive mix.

With New In we more or less regularly present some of the most important electronic releases from Leipzig from the previous month. Recently, we – Nils and Jens – met again and again for small listening sessions and rummaged through promo files and Bandcamp.

There were a few reviews from which we very subjectively filtered out our personal favorite tracks at the end of last year. Nils – who is actually active as a DJ as Nils Panda – turned it into a 45-minute mix. Voila:

1. Lekande – It Happens (Row Records)
2. DJ Balduin – Da Float (Can)
3. Mbius – Mittelsachsen Sundowner (Breakfree Records)
4. Ewan Jansen – Wild Shore (R.A.N.D. Muzik)
5. Kassem Mosse – C2 (Workshop)
6. DJ Balduin – Daphnes Bell (Inch By Inch)
7. Eoism – Relapsing Cycles (Inch By Inch)
8. Credit 00 & Wolf Müller – Urban Utan (Rat Life)
9. Tinkah – Phoenix (Local Knowledge)
10. Ginko & BSN Posse – Rainforest (Defrostica)
11. Subcutaneous – New Ends (Hypress)

A look at the tracklist proves: Yes, we are DJ Balduin fanboys. But regardless, 2023 was also a strong year for him. And because we had so much fun, we immediately decided to bring this format back at the end of each quarter.


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