Networker is the third album by Omni, a band from Atlanta formed there around 2015 by friends Frankie Broyles (formerlyDeerhunter), Philip Frobos and Billy Mitchell (both ex-Carnivores), but much more than that, it's my favorite album by my favorite band from the last week (laughs). And even more than all that, it would make master Tom Verlaine proud. I explain below.

If in the previous two albums – Deluxe, 2016; It is Multi-taskfrom 2017 – they balanced between various post-punk and new wave influences (Devo, MagazineJoseph K, etc.), here, dear readers, despite other noticeable references, what you hear is a true tribute to the Television.

Frobos' monotone/recited vocals and especially Broyles' angular and jazzy guitar, full of (seemingly) loose riffs, seem to say in unison: 'Tom, we love you and here is our tribute to you and your band. We hope you like it'.

There is not a single bad or even average song among the 11 that make up Networker, just as there is none that does not refer to Television. If this is a problem for you, avoid it, otherwise press play on “Sincerely yours” and also discover your favorite album by your favorite band, even if it's just from this week hahaha.

Listen to the stalk!

PS: Next February, Sub Pop – which launched Networker – releases Omni’s new album on the market, Souvenir.

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