After a month of very long, interminable and anxious waiting, it has also arrived in Italian cinemas Oppenheimer and today we will talk about it together in this one review who sees in the center Cillian Murphy. In fact, with its textbook performance, together with a cast full of some of Hollywood’s greatest talents, the film of Cristopher Nolan it’s one that’s bound to stay with you for a long, long time.

Now I would like to speak in first person, explaining my impressions of seeing a film that doesn’t represent my favorite genre, in fact the genre I don’t like at all. But I was certain of what I would see, I knew I would love it anyway. It will be because Nolan is one of the directors of the millennium, it will be because his films always drive us crazy, it will be because Cillian Murphy which proves to be masterful – but I had absolutely no doubts – the fact is that I finally saw a film that can be classified as a Biopic – but which is actually much more – that I loved it, and that writing Oppenheimer’s review is the hardest thing I’ll do this year.

Oppenheimer review: Cillian Murphy’s takeover

The first thing we notice is the actor’s protagonism, right from the first shot. Nolan sets out to tell the story of the father of the atomic bomb, the one who led the Americans to victory in World War II. A fight against time establishes a good three hours of film. In fact, the director takes all the time to tell the life of his protagonist. From childhood, mentioned but not explored, of which we perceive the bullying suffered and also the scientist’s instability, to the awareness of having become one of the greatest physics men of the moment.

It was only 2002 when it came out 28 days later. First starring film of our dear Cillian. Following a series of secondary roles, but characterizing the films, make him one of the most loved actors around. Tests of interpretation one after the other, are the gym. Mainly in Nolan’s films the actor stands out in his skill, but always leaving a question to the viewer. Why does he never have a lead role? Then comes Peaky Blinders, in which Murphy delights with his magnetic and melancholy gaze penetrating our souls, and finally September 2021. Cristopher Nolan finally announces his next film. This is set during the Second World War, it will be a Biopic about Robert J. Oppenheimer and the protagonist will be his own Cillian Murphy.

Oppenheimer: an inevitable chain reaction

Oppenheimer review: Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Junior in a scene from the film

We are presented with many characters right away, so as to risk being disoriented, to symbolize a chain reaction human that cannot stop. We see Robert Downey Junioralso in a textbook interpretation play Lewis Strauss, Matt Damon as General Leslie Groves, Rami Malek in the small but vital role of Dr. David L. Hill. It’s still, Emily Blunt plays the tenacious Kitty Oppenheimer, a strong woman and able to stand up to any man. Until the cameo by Gary Oldmanin the role of President Truman, who becomes the protagonist of one of the most disruptive dialogues in the film.

It is precisely the choice of a cast like this, which strengthens and carves this film in stone.

Oppenheimer: Not the Nolan we’re used to, but the one we deserve

Let’s face it, we’re used to Inception so we still argue after 12 years; Memento, which upsets the classic narrative lines of a film and “entwines” us in an absurd way. Interstellar, for which it is enough to name the title and Tenetan exercise in style to show off your skill.

This film has an enigmatic charm and a Biopic, but not in the proper sense. In fact, Nolan gives us a narrative marked by time jumps, by things he tells us and doesn’t tell us and by a speech that we will only be able to hear at the end. Pressing dialogues punctuate 3 ore of film, leaving us with an uncontrollable sense of anxiety and suspense for what will happen next. Continuous sensations, sounds and images make us enter the mind of Oppenheimer, which makes tangible what is not and visible what we never see in the film. Bravura, infinite bravura, on the part of the director in showing us what we already know. Through the trauma we retrace what happened, see those burns, those deaths, those blowouts, and we feel that pain too. All of this, however, without ever seeing anything concrete.

And this Nolan. He enters our minds, with a film that doesn’t want to excite, but that wants to make us think. Bewildered, astonished. This is how we feel when we leave the hall. Oppenheimer doesn’t want to excite, it’s true, but he does it anyway.

To conclude I would like to proudly state that Oppenheimer deserves all the success it is having, and that finally Cillian Murphy passes his test. He was already one of the most talented actors around, but thanks to this monumental performance he will go down in history. Dear Cillian, you have finally found the role you were looking for, the one you wanted to consecrate you and make you remember forever.

movie rating: 10. Will I be exaggerated? In my opinion not, this Oppenheimer review is completely subjective, but if I liked a historical Biopic there is a reason!


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