Following a timeline that will arrive at Pink Industry any day and has already passed through Big In Japantoday we feature the 'middle child' of this story, called Pink Military.

With the end of Big In Japan in 78, the wonderful Jayne Casey joined four other people from Liverpool – three of whom jumped ship before the group released their debut – and thus, in a very short way, the underlying band was born. this short text.

I was going to play here for listening the almost mentioned debut album by Pink Military, Do animals beleive in god? (from 1980), but I opted for the band's first and only EP, the house's favorite Blood and lipstick, which came out a year earlier. Why?

Because here the quintet (which then included Martin Dempsey, ex-Yachts who would later perform in the insane Mel-O-Tones and from time to time with Budgie, from Banshees) precisely managed to combine the more square influence of punk with the experiments – dub, disco, etc. – that Casey had already been exploring in Big In Japan. And the result of this mix is ​​exactly the four songs on the album.

As said in the first paragraph, sooner or later one of Pink Industry's albums will come around here and maybe I'll tell some dirty story about sex, drugs and “Pain of pride”, but for today it's all about blood and lipstick.

Find it out. Or rediscover.


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