Hi all friends of Movieblog and welcome to a new article from your favorite online site. Today we are here to talk to you about a new Italian film currently in theaters that is enjoying good success at the box office (even managing to surpass last Sunday as the colossus The Batman)that is I run from you Of Riccardo Milani.

Plot Corro da te

I run from you is a film released in theaters on 17 March 2022 directed by Riccardo Milani and it’s a remake of a French film from 2018, Everyone standing, which has met with some success at home. The plot is simple: Gianni is a fifty-year-old single, sporty, wealthy, entrepreneur and above all seducer willing to do anything to conquer the beautiful young girls he meets. Through a series of vicissitudes he decides to pretend to be a disabled person in a wheelchair and this chosen one leads him to meet Chiara, a young and sunny woman, a professional musician and tennis player in her free time who has remained paraplegic due to a past traffic accident. . If Gianni initially approaches her because of a bet, he will gradually begin to have a completely different kind of feelings that will also make him change his perspective on many aspects of life and will make him both a person and a better businessman.

The Favino-Leone couple

If there is one thing that I positively underline about this film it is undoubtedly the interpretation of the two protagonists who find themselves with their eyes closed, showing not only a great harmony with the roles assigned to them but also a chemistry and an evident cohesion as a couple. . Favino, you know, he is one of the best actors in the Italian scene, so much so that he is also very appreciated in America and there are numerous roles assigned to him in Hollywood, while as regards the Leone, the young and beautiful Sicilian is increasingly improving at an acting level film after film reaching a high level in the panorama of leading actresses in the entertainment world of the peninsula. In short Milani in this film he decides to bring together two actors, yes of two different generations, but both of the leading roles in their respective age groups.

The issue of disability

If there is one other thing I liked about this feature film, it is how it deals with the theme of disability. It is in fact through the figure of Gianni that we grasp the representation of the average and ignorant man who still uses derogatory terms such as “handicapped” and pretends to be disabled to instill pity (the only feeling that he initially considers possible to have towards a disabled person ) in people for their own personal ends. But then through the knowledge of Chiara we begin a journey where we learn what it really means to be a disabled person in the world today, how much the last feeling to feel is pity and how sometimes those with a physical disability can teach us more about life than those with a physical disability. to a person without disabilities. In short, the film treats the theme seriously, without ever falling into pitiful tones but rather tries to educate through the weapon of laughter. Furthermore, as Chiara teaches us, sometimes in life the only real insurmountable handicap is the absence of strength of soul.

Personal comment

I run from you it’s not just a well-directed film by Riccardo Milani which manages to fully exploit the entire cast of talented actors available but is also a story of revenge, redemption and education for disability. It was certainly not easy to deal with such a theme without falling into banal or melancholy but the well-known Italian director did it and gives us a film that he manages to entertain and that raises the now increasingly low level of Italian light comedy. It is a film that I recommend to spend a carefree evening, full of laughter and maybe, why not, to learn something useful about disability.

We leave you the trailer. Good vision!

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