Today, as I was heading towards another shift, I read something about how Jim Reed listened to (and fell in love with) the Ride for the first time through a demo tape of the band that belonged to DJ Gray Crowley, and how after that audition he took their name to Alan McGee, who shortly after hired them for the cast of Creation.

In one of the countless musical synapses made by my brain on a daily basis, the importance of a radio host in this story reminded me of John Peel and consequently I was led to Wavesa Ride album released in 2003 that compiles the band’s passages through the studios of the British network between 1990 and 1994. And here we are.

The Oxford band was on Master Peel’s show twice in 1990, one on February 4th and the other on September 16th, and from these sessions come the first 8 tracks of Waves. In 1992 and 1993 they were at Mark Goodier’s concert twice (March 2nd and 8th of each year, respectively), in which they played the 8 songs that are ‘at the core’ of the album; and last but not least, Mark Radcliffe received them on July 21, 1994 for the last of the sessions recorded on record.

I’m not going to go into a ‘this session is better than the other’ one, because there’s no arguing about taste, but the first two that comprise the phase between Nowhere e Going blank again they are o ❤

Listen on the stalk!


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