I discovered the South Koreans of Say Sue Me through a precious tip from the late Kid Vinil at the time of the release of their second album, Where we were together🇧🇷 Since then, this album has been released countless times around here, until now, in 2022, the band pulled a (beautiful) new work out of the hat, called The last thing left🇧🇷 Which I won’t talk about today.

Because when I went to their Bandcamp I came across something that really caught my attention: 10, a little disc also recently released by the quartet in celebration of their ten years of career, only with covers. As I already checked out the SSM discography, I knew that they had already recorded a EP similarwith versions of some of your favorite artists, but in this case I went straight to “True love will find you in the end” and during its 2 minutes the world around disappeared, my eyes filled with tears and, well, here we are.

10 also features Say Sue Me reinterpretations for Yo La Tengo (one of the group’s great influences), Pavement, Silver Jews, Grandaddy, and Guided by Voices (listen, get emotional and don’t believe what they did to “Smothered in hugs”) , as well as re-recordings of two tracks by the band themselves, “Bad habit” and the wonderfully sad “Old town”.

Maybe I’ll make a list of my favorite albums of 2022, maybe not. But if you do, this lost little classic is sure to be in it.

Listen with your heart!


Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/12/17/say-sue-me-10-2022/

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