A dear friend recently asked on that blue social network which band I listened to the most in 2022, and the answer came almost as automatically as a bot: seablite. Even though I don’t use streaming services that put together that retrospective that nobody wants to see, I’m absolutely sure that Grass stains and novocaine it was the album that played the most in my headphones, surpassing sacred classics and newly released albums. And why, you might ask.

The answer is as automatic as a bot’s: because the 11 songs that make up this debut by the San Francisco quartet are a kind of musical compendium of two old passions that helped shape my character, the jangle pop of C-86 and the twisted dream world of shoegaze/dream pop. That simple.

The music composed by the sweet voices of Lauren and Galine, the guitar of ex-Wax Idols Jen Mundy and the accelerated drumsticks of Andy Pastalaniec (ex-Cruel Summer and currently also fronting the sensational Chime School, which will soon appear here) has exactly the sound, the shape, the taste, the smell, everything from this mixture. can think of My Bloody Valentine circa Isn’t anything bumping into Shop Assistants or Lush bumping into Tiger Trap, whatever. Or rather, I know, I just can’t make good comparisons.

Anyway, even with my references not always so pertinent, I recommend turning up the volume and listening Grass stains and novocaine on the stalk. Maybe, just maybe, you too will fall in love with him and the seablite.

End of transmission. Hold the trip!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/01/04/seablite-grass-stains-and-novocaine-2019/

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