Gary Strickland is the guy behind the Seafang, and in case you don’t link his name to absolutely nothing, he was during the second half of the 90’s until the beginning of the next decade the guy behind the Honeyrider, and if that still doesn’t tell you absolutely nothing, seek knowledge.

Because today, here, in this brief moment, what enters the circle is the EP version of Solid gold, one of the few releases by Strickland and co. with the aforementioned Seafang, a group from Florida that until now has only recorded three singles (Motorcycle song, Solid gold e Happy when it snows/You trashed my Christmas) and compiled the first two on this little disk that bears the same name as the second one.

Why are you here? Because I like them a lot (laughs), and because in the five songs on this EP you hear shoegaze and C-86 mixed in almost unequal proportions, sometimes leaning more towards one, sometimes leaning more towards the other, sometimes delicately combined and today, here, in this brief moment, that’s all that matters to me.

That said, press play, turn up the volume and understand for yourself why I like Seafang so much.


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