Running on the outside in a universe of bands that already run outside the vaunted ‘new post-punk scene’ (hahahaha), the Californian quartet Self Improvement was formed with the intention of sounding like Spits, but thank God or similar things didn’t went as planned. Full proof of this is Visible damagethe band’s first and so far only album, released in October last year.

Half crooked, half angular, accelerated and with vocals that are sometimes spoken and sometimes shouted, it will certainly remind you of other cool groups with girls at the front like Sweeping Promisses (any less), Dry Cleaning, and Wet Leg (more), and that’s definitely not a problem. At least not around here.

There are also references to the entire range of post-punk from the 70s/80s, from Devo (pay attention to the guitar on the title track) Joy Division (who doesn’t, right?), but none of the ten songs on the album have the feeling of blatant copying as happens with a lot of new hyped artists out there (no, I won’t mention names, you can draw your own conclusions).

In fact, speaking of Joy Division, there is an even greater rapprochement between Jett Witchalls – lead singer of Self Improvement – ​​and Ian Curtis: she is also epileptic, and claims that a large part of the lyrics she wrote for Visible damage They were born under the heavy influence of the medications they take. Okay, it’s a bizarre coincidence and we hope the similarities stop there, but yes, it helps create a sinister aura around the band.

Oh yes, before I forget, this album contains the version of “Firestarter”, by Podigy.

Listen to the stalk!


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