When Recurring was released by Fire in February 1991, the Spacemen 3 it was already in ruins, devoured by termites from the relationship between Sonic Boom and J Spaceman, so much so that it is known by all that the album has a ‘Kember side’ and a ‘Pierce side’, having only one track with the participation of the two bullies , the version of “When tomorrow hits” by Mudhoney.

But none of that, not even the fight or the fact that the album is split in two, compromises the trance that is listening to the latest album by men from space. ‘Ah, but there are some electronic stops. Ah, but this is almost ambient music’. Oh, but there’s no noise’. No, music critic, there’s nothing left or missing in Recurringunlike you where there’s a lot of bluntness and the drugs that Spacemen 3 took to make music to take drugs for…(laughs).

Unlike the experts and their serious opinions, I absorbed this album and was absorbed by it during countless trips, going back and forth from “Big city” to “Feelin’ just fine” (I only have the CD version) in endless loops of euphoria and relaxing, frying and melting. By the way, Matt Groening must also have had his experiences with Recurring given that in one of the many sensational episodes of the Simpsons Homer had an escape from reality to the sound of “Big city”. ‘Eh, you’re the pharmacist’.

Perhaps due to unfavorable opinions some people do not pay enough attention to Kember & Pierce’s swan song, seeking to compare it to Perfect Prescription, Playing with fire or Taking drugsbut in fact each one of them is a different trip, made to be consumed in different situations (or mental states hahaha) and Recurring it’s the end of the lysergic journey of the guys who took psychedelia to other levels and influenced everyone who swallowed something and decided to start a band after losing touch with their own mind. Big city, bright lights…

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And some demos of Recurring

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