On 26.5. the event series Broken will take place again. This time at the IfZ – we spoke to Boris, who is co-curating the event, and not only asked him for a preliminary impression, but also asked what he appreciates about Leipzig as a place for subculture.

Broken beats, broken glass, broken hearts, it’s a thing. Above all, broken beats, far away from the 4/4 time of techno and house dancefloors, are finding more and more fans (alongside trance). Broken is a series of events that is literally committed to this common denominator.

Boris, who is toting from one event to the next – in Berlin, where else if you want to celebrate outside of Leipzig – I catch him on the phone for a chat. The 31-year-old comes from the Ukraine and has been living in Germany for nine years, including three years in Leipzig. He is the founder of a digital agency and organizer. And besides that he is a DJ, especially likes to go raving or skating.

__Kyiv + Leipzig

Already 15 years ago he dealt with electronic music and events, albeit only briefly. But then life intervened, the move to Germany. In Leipzig, Boris picks up the threads again for the first time, feels like curating, exploring locations, raves and building collective structures. Der Downer: Corona, we remember. But as soon as the rules relaxed and it was reasonable to start, he and his supports got going. The events in off-locations in the first almost post-corona summer are unforgettable for him.


Some people in the scene know Boris from those events, more precisely from UM LAUT, his series of events that he organizes irregularly and regularly in Leipzig in changing locations. Boris gets inspiration from the raven per se, from musical attractions outside of the dancefloor and the memories of partying in his old hometown of Kyiv. He raves about the CXEMA series; ever since he attended their events in the Ukraine, he felt like bringing such events to Leipzig as well.

“There will be no four-to-the-floor at Broken.” – Boris

As the name suggests, Broken focuses solely on broken beats instead of 4/4 time. Boris wants to fill a gap with this. Boris will be supported by Miguel from the Institute for Future’s bookring team, where the next event will take place on May 26th. However, the series is not tied to a fixed location: “We have already been to Mjut and Conne Island with Broken. Unfortunately, it’s currently difficult in Leipzig with off-locations, but hopefully that will happen again,” says Boris.

Boris is currently fully occupied with the organization of Broken. Fortunately, with all the work that such an event does, he does not lose his joy and dedication to subculture, he also enjoys the evenings and nights from the dance floor. He is particularly looking forward to Juba, Nala Brown and the Leipzig act Demegy.

The booking at Broken should unite international and local talents, be diverse and diverse – always with an eye on Ukrainian acts. Boris says that a broken beats community is developing in Leipzig. Because especially in Leipzig you can really do your thing as a DJ, the audience here is open to new and experimental things. And that’s exactly what he loves about the scene.

Boris not only pulled out a mix for us, he also put together an impression for us in three acts: Broken in three tracks – opening, peak-time, peak-peak-time and closing.


The spot on mix for this issue is provided by Miguel aka Big Honey. Enjoy!

Photo of Miguel: Nathalie Valeska Pupil.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40509/spot-on-boris-von-broken

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