On the mouththird album by Chunks, reached the age of 30 last February and most likely has had at least 25 years ringing in my ears. Ears, arms, legs, heart, soul and etc.

Since it came out, it has been pointed out by critics as inferior to its predecessor (No pocky for kitty, from 91) because, according to them, the band lost some of the raw power of their early years. But who are the critics in the bread line, right?

The thing is that already in 1993, even with only 4 years on the road, Laura, Mac, Jim and Jon – who debuted here on drumsticks, replacing Chunk Garrison – were already heroes of Yankee independent rock, direct heirs and diligent students of the school of masters like Do you remember, Pixies, Sonic Youth e Dino Jr., making and releasing their music on their own, not caring about fads or pleasing anyone other than their fans. As they continue to this day, by the way.

Did they slow down at times? Did you add ‘textures’ to the guitar riffs on others? That and more about what? For many, like me, Superchunk came about in On the mouth e Foolish, precisely the ‘changing’ albums of the Chapel Hill quartet, and since then the only real change I see in them (and in me) is the gray hair; the energy, love and delivery remain exactly the same. And the name of this is loyalty, not to a genre, aesthetic or musical style, but to what you carry inside your chest.

Headboard disk! Band of life! ❤


Or on fucking spotifail

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